A Little Known Gland That Eliminates Negativity, Anxiety & Weight!

Men and Women are discovering the secret link between Anxiety, Lack of Energy & Resistance to Weight Loss!

STOP for a moment while we share with you a powerful approach using ancient techniques that have been kept a secret UNTIL NOW!

I’m Georgia. Virginia Alexandra and myself have devised a simple step by step program that will activate a tiny little gland inside your brain that you may not even heard of before.
A gland that modern day doctors, psychologists and pharmaceutical companies have chosen to ignore.

This remarkable gland that has gone under the radar has the ability to release endorphins daily, hourly and even minute by minute which stops negative thinking and anxiety in its tracks.

Regardless of how old you are, where you live or physical shape your in… 

Or even how long you’ve being living life with feelings of negativity, emotional unrest or anxiety. 

This uncomplicated process calms your mind and brings you clarity so you can experience a life free from self-doubt and self questioning. 

And what is really uplifting about this approach is it halts the emotional pain you may have been carrying around within. 
It’s like a weight has been literally released from your mind and body.  

Because we discovered one of our techniques keep your metabolism running at an optimum level.

So you may even notice your waist line becoming slimmer by simply activating your body in a certain way that prompts your glandular system inside your brain to work differently.  

You are going to discover about an incredible, yet, simple ground breaking revolutionary technique unfolding right before your eyes, so keep reading!
A technique so profoundly accurate at targeting debilitating and restrictive thoughts quickly without having to go into therapy and without having to re-hash your life.

The emotional weight of anxiety is literally released from your mind and body!

But losing a few pounds is only one of the many benefits your going to discover.

Because once you start to activate these glands in the brain, you’ll experience less, mental, emotional heaviness and fatigue.

And increase your mood, clarity, confidence and energy levels, so you can enjoy being more physically active with ease.  
The truth is there are many therapists, counsellors and medical advisors who put people living with negative thinking, anxiety, inactivity and weight issues into the same box. 

This is not true, as the overwhelming emotional experiences can be a different for everyone. 

We guess the TRUTH is you have tried doing all sorts of methods to relieve your negativity and self questioning and have met with limited success. Not to mention the years of feeling less than others.


Let's face it... whether you are carrying excess weight or not your emotional wellbeing is challenged.  

And we don't want this for YOU!

Maybe you’ve had a slight breakthrough but it didn’t last long enough and you ended back in the same old negative thinking pattern of doom and gloom. 

This led you more than likely to feel depressed, frustrated, awful and angry with yourself for not being able to control your fears and anxiety levels which makes you feel like you are a hopeless case.

Do you want to know what it feels like to REALLY enjoy your life? To embrace each day with confidence and a real sense of EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE?  This is absolutely possible!

WARNING: This method is NOT conventional!

This tried and test approach has helped 1,000’s of people all over the world! 

You won't find this approach ANYWHERE ELSE!

You are probably unaware that you’ve been living with a couple of wires in your brain that are not connecting with the right resources. 

And this disconnect disrupts your natural biological life functions and causes difficulties in sleeping, mood swings and even lowers serotonin levels.
If you feel negativity, emotional unrest and anxiety has been upsetting your life we can assure you that you are not going mad, in fact far from it!
If you experience these debilitating feelings you are not alone because recent research reveals modern day stresses upon our primal bodies reduce the body and mind’s natural ability to create chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine.

And this causes moodiness, depression, lethargy and irrational thoughts.

So negativity, emotional instability and anxiety is not just a little thing you can forget about and hope it goes away.

It can change how you see yourself, your quality of life and deeply affects your love ones.

This proven method can restore your natural, intuitive ability and trust your inner emotional strength....

But don't take our word for it.

Here's Kim's Story... in her own words

Kim kindly agreed to allow me to share her experience, but I have to warn you this story tends to trigger some readers, Please read on at your own discretion!

Heavily pregnant with my son Louis, I was working crazy hours, thinking I was a superwoman. One day I walked into a meeting, not even an important one - and had the most full-on panic attack. At the time, I didn’t realize that’s what it was. But one of my colleagues pulled me out, as he recognized what was going on.

My heart was racing, I got verbal diarrhoea. I couldn’t stop talking. I started to panic. I became short of breath. It was pretty embarrassing. I felt awful. But I somehow managed to regain composure, go back into the meeting and finish off.
I used to base my self-worth on being great - able to cope with life’s challenges, so I swept this under the carpet, assuming it would get better. I didn’t do anything about it. But I stopped talking in meetings, as I was worried I’d have another panic attack. 

My hope was that I’d go on maternity leave and things would improve. But they actually got much worse. I’d have panic attacks in front of friends, in totally normal situations. By now, it was affecting every aspect of my life. 

I had heard really good things about Georgia’s approach and as I was in a really bad way decided to consult her. Now I am free from anxiety and panic attacks and have started my own business. I feel great.

Here is Virginia's story, Opera Singer and Co-Creator of this approach

Virginia used to get terrible performance anxiety nerves, which she knew was holding her back professionally.

She noticed when she used her breath and body in a particular way her moods were elevated, her performance was better but the best part about it was she was losing weight.

She became obsessed leaving no stone unturned to uncover the effect of negative thoughts and its relationship to our breathe and quality of life.

And what she discovered was ground breaking.
She had no idea, that deep inside our brains there is a little tiny gland that stops working around the age of eight.

She started researching modern science, but could find very little about information about this petite gland and its benefits.

Frustrated, she turned to the study of ancient texts, cultures and lifestyles and discovered that this little known under-utilised gland held the key to happiness, clarity and optimal health.

She spent years studying with advanced yogis and meditators. One of her mentors was hooked up to ECG machine to measure how activating this gland changed the way his mind, body and emotions functioned.

However, she was shocked to find out that this little gland had been kept a secret throughout western history.

And the lack of information and understanding about the importance of this gland and how it impacts our mental state was not found in traditional medical books.

And almost all of us live everyday unaware of how imperative the function of this gland is.

And it doesn’t matter who you are.

Whether you’re a mother, father, married or single. If this gland isn’t activated correctly it puts you under emotional, mental and physical stress.

We can guarantee your thinking is not your fault!

So please stop beating up on yourself.

Because most of us are unaware of the importance of this gland within our endocrine system.

The endocrine system is a network of glands in your body that helps your hormones and cells communicate with each other.

It is responsible for every organ, cell and function in your body.

The brain has three vital glands the keep us in good health.

If you have trouble managing stress, are over emotional, gain weight easily, have a lack of energy and concentration you may have unknowingly comprised these vital glands inside you brain.

And this can seriously disrupt your life, sleep patterns and how you react to the world.

So, if you’re wondering why you feel so out of control.

You are absolutely not to blame, so STOP being so hard on yourself.  Deal?
There is no way, not in a million years that you could have known about the unseen potential inside your brain.

That’s because, you may not have known how crucial a balanced endocrine system is to your to state of mind, emotional well being and anxiety levels.

LISTEN: Maybe you have been telling yourself you need to get over this negative way of thinking.

However, we know it is easier said than done!

Even worse maybe you've find yourself hemmed in by your thoughts and feel out of control. You assume loved ones, friends and colleagues won't understand, so you keep these feelings to yourself. 

Maybe you are ashamed and you blame yourself for having these feelings, so you keep it a secret. Which can make the problem feel even bigger! 

Do you have the following behaviours?
  • Avoid people because you are embarassed about how you feel
  • Isolate yourself so you don't burden others
  • ​Worry there is something wrong with you
  • ​Emotionally overeat
  • ​Feel unworthy and unattractive
  • ​Have panic attacks
  • ​Have lost the energy to socialize
  • ​Negative thoughts make you feel exhausted
  • ​Life feels too hard and difficult
  • ​Lost your spark
  • ​Can't think straight
  • ​Difficult to make clear and rational decisions
  • ​Lost your intuition
  • ​Have ritualistic tendancies
If you tick any of the boxes, it’s time to move on and start to re-claim your Emotional Resilience now!

And the good news is you don’t have to tell anyone! It's private and easy to use to get fast results!

Our approach is not, like traditional therapies, which often encourages people to recall or relive difficult and traumatic memories. Such memory recall can trigger and heighten anxiety and panic. 
Our progressive, scientifically PROVEN method will show you how to move on from your history of negative thinking, irrespective of what has happened and the ‘when, how and why it started’.

Our approach will help you to feel less anxious, more logical with natural calm and peace in your everyday life.


Traditional methods, like years of therapy, don’t really work and don't necessarily give you the tools of emotional self reliance and can cause exhaustion. Ironically it can make people overeat too because they think something is wrong with them. 


Most people who suffer with negative thinking, self doubt and anxiety don’t feel understood. This makes them feel both isolated and alone. It leads to lack of motivation and enthusiasm. They often over-indulge to feel better!


Doctors are under pressure to see as many patients as possible. The truth is pharmaceutical companies make millions by enticing doctors to sell their drugs. Doctors don't want you to know that many of these medicines slow your metabolism.

TODAY is the day when you can change all that!

Our trademark Protocol is called
Emotional Resilience Training

This unique and highly effective method has been helping people around the world to re-claim their confidence to cope with the challenges of life easily and effectively.

Endless hours of commuting, sitting in waiting rooms and costly appointments are not applicable. In just 3 minutes you can begin to reduce your negativity and self questioning in the privacy of your own home.

Simply put the good news is, that your past unhelpful and inhibiting thinking is pattern of thought that you can change. 

Emotional Resilience Training is a program like no other you will have come across before.

AND it’s back up by many Neuroscientists due to the fact our unique approach uses a combination of very specific breathing techniques that activate this gland, along with powerful hypnotic techniques. 

These techniques are combined with a powerful psychology, which will assist you to shift your thinking away from unhelpful thoughts and into a state of trust. 

When you learn to use these important glands you are naturally stimulating untapped energy which connects to the awe-inspiring YOU!


We use a unique approach, which is really hard to find elsewhere. Together we have dedicated our life’s work to developing these quick and effective strategies! 


You can spend tiresome hours, days or months searching the Internet to find out what works for negative thinking and anxiety.  However, there is no need to look any further!


Save yourself all that unnecessary time and angst with the Emotional Resilience Training method. It's where lasting transformation happens!

Our special approach has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, Psychologies Magazine, Good Housekeeping, as well as being regularly featured on Sky News and The Morning Show just to name a few.

Here's an extract of Sue’s Story in Woman & Home Magazine
It was in December 2010 that our family car business, started by my father-in-law, went into administration. My husband and I tried desperately to keep things going but the bank wouldn’t help!        
I started to experience terrible anxiety with constant, low-level nausea. Either I couldn’t sleep or I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. Eventually, the anxiety turned into full-blown panic attacks! I’d pace around, rocking myself, terrified to leave the house.
A friend dragged me to my doctors. As I sat in the waiting room, my legs shook so much I had to pin them down with my hands. 

The doctor gave me an ECG and a prescription for the tranquillizer diazepam… Further tests came back clear. 

I was relieved-yet astounded at the power my head had over my body.

My husband was terribly concerned about me but also under a lot of stress himself. I tried my best not to add to his worry.
My salvation came when I heard about Georgia Foster, a clinical hypnotherapist, and a program she’d developed for people suffering with negative thinking and anxiety.  I felt I had nothing to lose. 

With the program I immediately felt relaxed. 

There was a sense of “this is going to be OK.”  

Within a few weeks I became aware that the nausea had faded.  My mind also felt less “cluttered’ and I was able to keep it focused on things other than worrying. By Christmas I felt like my old self again.”

Sue's story is just one of many!

Now that you’ve heard the typical story... do you see how quickly and drastically your mind can CHANGE?

We have dozens of testimonials from Men and Women who have been so happy with their results that they are happy to share how POWERFUL and FAST the RESULTS of this program are…

These are real people just like you!

Emotional Resilience Training is the PERFECT SOLUTION for YOU!

This amazing approach will help you change your life for the better!

Listen: We normally sell this entire package for $350 USD but before we reveal this price let us tell you what you are going to get
  • ​3 Incredible videos that demonstrate the ability to reduce your negative thinking right now!
  • ​ 5 Life changing breath patterns to bring instant calm to your entire mind and body
  • ​ 1 Ancient breath technique to enhance your metabolism
  • ​ 3 Powerful self hypnosis recordings
  • ​ Techniques that instantly strengthen the central nervous system
Why is it not going to cost you anymore?  We would feel stupid charging you more because you’ve probably spent more time and money than you have wanted to in hope of that elusive solution to reduce your habitual negative thinking.

Oh… did we mention this?

What you will experience would be the equivalent of £1800 or $2400 for 6 private sessions with us.  You see, we are not cheap but then that is why billionaires, musicians, directors, doctors, lawyers, homemakers and teenagers and many other people have experienced AMAZING results!  However, the FACT is we don’t need to have this price tag.
A very special bonus of The Space Between Your Thoughts hypnosis recording will help you completely rejuvenate and bring a sense of calm.

Not only this, because we understand when stress and over ridding emotions come up it often results in a poor night sleep.
So, just for spending time with us today we’d love to offer you my amazing Sleep Well hypnosis audio recording.

This has helped thousands people around the world have a great night sleep and bounce into their day with clarity and energy.
Why does this ground-breaking program work for You?
Take a peak at what you will learn below:
  • ​Powerful Neuroplasticity techniques that reduce your negative thinking and eliminate anxious feelings
  • ​ Our unique psychology training called Inner Dialogue
  • ​ Learn what personality traits encourage anxiety and locate the one that can help you move on!
  • ​ Get on with your life without worrying about your future
  • ​ It’s private, so no expensive therapy sessions and no waiting room anxious moments anymore!
  • ​ Improve relationships with others and more importantly yourself!

You will be calmer, happier, and more confident. There's a good chance your friends and family won't recognize you!

What is the price?  

You get all of this for just $79!

A better choice awaits you! 

It doesn’t matter you history of self doubt and anxiety or how much therapy you have had or how many different techniques you have tried. You can transform your by life starting The Emotional Resilience Training right NOW!

Here’s our 100% iron clad triple guarantee: If you don’t like our approach for any reason you can have your money back with 60 days. If you don’t our Australian accents, we will guarantee your money back. If for any reason you feel it isn’t working for you, no questions asked, you can get your money back.

Experience tells us this. That you are tired of worrying when your going to have a panic attack and you want to get off the anxiety and negative thinking treadmill.

We warn you don’t do it alone. We know 1000’s of clients who have attempted to reduce their negative thinking before they met us without success. It’s not that they were stupid or hopeless but rather they just didn’t know what they know now through our method.

Get ready to get on with your life and enjoy calm, confident and spontaneous moments? 
So what do you do next?  It's time for you to take control of your Anxious Thoughts rather than them controlling you!
Imagine right now how you will feel being free from scary thoughts about life and panic about the future?

Buy Now!  So you avoid the anxiety conditions that continue to steal fantastic moments in your life.

Everything you need to do has been put into this program so you can enjoy an abundance of positive thoughts, self-assurance, peace and calm.

Everything you need to know and learn has been put into this program irrespective of your past!
Here's what other's are saying about our program!
"I don’t know if it’s because I have more energy and I am more active, but I’ve lost 7 pounds! People keep saying how well I look. Yesterday, someone asked me if I’d had a facelift."
Featured in The Independent Newspaper
"My overall mood is so vastly improved that I am actually shocked by the change. My problems are still there, but I seem to be dwelling on them less and they don’t seem so overwhelming. I feel far more positive."
Featured in The Telegraph Newspaper
"It’s not as hard as I imagined. A huge improvement… I feel stronger and more accepting of my own current situation, so there was less of an internal struggle."
Rebecca Smith, Psychologies Magazine
"My skin was clearer and I slept better…"

"I feel stronger, partly due to a new awareness of my personal triggers."
Liz Hoggard, Featured in The Daily Mail

Everything you need to know and learn has been put into this program irrespective of your past!

Remember the fact that you are worried and need to find a way out of the situation. Women and men just like you, all over the world, have successfully learnt how to reduce their habitual negative thinking in it's tracks!
We’ve spent years dedicating our professional life helping people shift their thinking about anxiety. It’s our passion and we are here to help you.
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